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I am Ashot Bleyan

When I was 18   I was in the endless green and blue steppe of Kazakhstan with my university fellow students. My address was with neither a street nor a house. My address was the Soviet Union, and it was in the endless steppes of Kazakhstan that I began my mature independent life as a traveler.  And I was 18 years old when I read Michael Sholokhov's novel The Ploughed Virgin Land.

At that time the world was  more … endless and encompassing.  

There are things which never change though… like the sky in Kazakhstan which I will still come across on my way (I last came across such a sky in the Armenian mountainous village Arates).

Mkhitar Sebastatsi  was a great traveler who covered such a great distance following his idea. And he was a success. He was surprisingly a success.

That was the reason … I couldn't help namingour educational complex after this great man's name ″Mkhitar Sebastatsi″ which acquired a legal status in 1989 as a schooling congregation, an experimental-research union developing, organizing and spreading author educational programs. That was my gratitude to my hero, especially because at that time I was carried away with Armenology.

For decades our school … our school will lose and find the contact again, for decades our school will make it possible to keep contacts between generations until it seems a huge gap has appeared between them.

And my aim has always been, is and will  be … continuity, because it is so easy to interrupt and stop. With this respect, Mkhitar Sebastatsi gave the biggest lesson: You shouldn’t stop. You should constantly push forward the idea that you dared to publish.

To bring up a person of today's role and weight in the world ...you have to be complete yourself, because that integrity ultimately gives you the right to bring forth an educational program as an author, and that will be called in your name as Bleyan's School.

Graduates of our school…at one point in their lives, in one place, at a turning point will applaud Bleyan's school.

And most of all I am trying to inject in them…this very feeling of gratitude to their school for having conveyed to them this particular thing, this joy, this ability, this achievement, this social life as a tangible fact.

You don't have to be afraid of advanced technologies... like Mkhitar Sebastatsi did not fear the advanced technologies of his time, such as establishing the publishing house. Advanced  technologies are tools necessary for just that time and place.

Although we are often told... they say so much about us ... We mustn’t look back, we shouldn’t hear them speak about us. I always remember the wise advice expressed in a fairy tale: ″Do not turn back when you are following your dream. You will turn into stone if you do that.″

Anyway, …doubting is very important to know more about your life cause and the way you go. Take your way with self-confidence, and by doubting you may get to know your way better.

In New Armenia…I don't like this qualification of New Armenia, it's not mine, mine is what I create, what I live in, mine is always new, always new. I have always followed the New Path in my conscious life, it is my path, it is my Armenia.

To be literate today... is necessary because ignorance, unfortunately, has been the companion of our entire history. You cannot be ignorant, you need to be literate.

And in fact it is not that difficult… to learn, especially now that opportunities for learning have increased. Being ignorant now is a shame; so, we should learn, learn and learn.

Torturing children for having a bad handwriting... is a form of violence because the handwriting is something that comes from a person's personality. The child doesn't do it for you, it's its individuality.

And believe me, failing doesn't matter... if it becomes your school. Downhill is okay too, it says: you have to lose what you have to find yourself.

Being guided by courageous ideas that are criticized by many…, is the leader's cross. Your cross that you carry, your work that you do, that you carry, is a very natural state.

But one should be careful…especially while underestimating or overestimating, as I think either of them is the same thing.

 There is nothing impossible if… you are a traveler, anything which is impossible becomes possible if you go your own way. If it's your way, it’s possible, if it isn’t your way then it it is impossible. While everyone admires the Scandinavian school methodology ... the most important methodology is the one created by the teacher's own experience, and in this experience the Scandinavian one can also be useful.

Therefore, … being the author of your work is the unbreakable right of an educator. If you can't, then you've got to look for another job. Pedagogy is the most unsuccessful profession for a mere performer, because, in that case, who will be accountable for your actions towards your God and your pupil?

For many years… I have kept looking for the authors of their work. I just feel pleased to be able to help the person who has found his life job.

There are no boundaries that... cannot be violated by cooperation. Borders are bridges for me.

The most important thing is the independence of the children… because it is in the state of being independent that the child entirely manifests itself.

Free-thinking, fearless and purposeful young people… It is well formulated. That can be both the motto, the process, and the result you are striving for.

I believe... I want to believe that I will overcome this deadlock stage.

And sometimes I get discouraged… when I'm in that stage.

Whatever it is... I am a traveler and will relieve tiredness, lack of confidence… I am a traveler.

If a child learns to express his / her thoughts freely and fearlessly at an early age... Everyone should use the words fluently and freely not for the purpose of being a man of art, but for not being a slave.  This is how Gianni Rodari appeared. Otherwise, the parents are tyrants. Adults can be anything but tyrant, never!

And blog running should know… every student, teacher ․․․Such is our author pedagogy, as it is the space of their own independence, autonomy, protection, and sharing ideas.

And, anyway... creativity comes first.

Most of all I appreciate children’s… immediacy, that purity, that personal ecology, personal style, the state of not having been spoilt yet.

And I'm glad that today's youth... are in a world without borders. They feel it or not, but that iron curtain that existed in the Soviet era, doesn't really exist anymore.

I am Ashot Bleyan…In that country of iron curtains, the Soviet Union, where my address had neither a street nor a house, I was able to live as in the era of my own responsibility and freedom, as in the era of my New Path.   


The talk with Ashot Bleyan has been narrated in the written form by Shushan Maruki

The source: vnews.am։

Translated into English by Yura Ganjalyan