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Your fathers also wanted to do well, but why didn’t they manage or didn’t manage well? Ashot Bleyan

Queen Gohar in Hovhannes Tumanyan’s fairy tale Gold Town says that the people in their town work on the straight way and are pleased with what they have. I often remember this formula of Queen Gohar’s. I can do well with what I have in my hands. All the rest which is out of your reach, shouldn’t affect your straight way, or else being happy wouldn’t depend on you. I don’t know whether it is important. Does Jesus have such a commandment: be happy?  But if we follow our straight way and be pleased with what we have, everything seems to be in its place. Our close realation's loss is something else, when the world pulls down, and you can do nothing. But that in the hands of God, and such is our life: birth-death, death-birth. You can keep your close relation's memory in yourself and in this way make him live. It is well thought of by the Creator.       

Personal Happiness

I am happy just now, while I am talking to you. Since morning I have lived such a sufficient life that my happiness will be enough for several people. I think one should value what he has. Why aren’t you pleased with what you have? What greediness it is! I am quiet and happy. As far as I remember I have lived my own life given by God. Everything has been my own decision: studying, living, getting married, having children, changing my work, and so on. I have never lived on someone else's time or orders. So what can I complain about, if I myself have created my life and time?

Professional Happiness

Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex and each of my days are my self-expression. I have never separated my work from my personal life. There has never been an escape from work to personal life and vice versa. There haven't been such boundaries for me. I have lived and still living without any boundaries. I am fully involved in my work, and although there are legends that I never get tired, however, I am fully discharged. Yes, I don’t get tired, I am discharged because there is no violence or obligation in my actions. Just like a child, I sink at the end of the day. There is no captivity or unwillingness in my work, otherwise it would mean that I have exhausted myself. Of course, knowledge is important, but there is something more important for me - imagination. I create worlds in my mind like an artist when he is creating. In fact I live an artist's life, and each educator should live a creator's life. I imagine everything and then make efforts to put my imaginations to life. I highlight our author pedagogy because it gives every teacher an opportunity to be the author of his/her pedagogy, his/her excitement of living, and the enjoyment of mixing with the child. There can be failures here, but we gain experience in correcting them, and what is most important, it is in the hands of the author.           


Public Happiness

I have lived moments of vivid triumphs which will never be deleted from my memory. September 1991: Referendum of Independence. That was the summit of my mature political life. I would never think that I would reach it so quickly, and I would be one of its participants and creators as a Member of the Supreme Council of, as a Member of the Board of the Armenian National Movement. I was in charge for the “Yes” to the Referendum of Independence agit propaganda from Zangezur to Yerevan and from Yerevan to Zangezur. It was interesting for me to be in Ararat, Artashat, Vayk, Yeghegnadzor, Sisian, Goris, Ghapan and Meghri, and to bring the idea of freedom, sovereignty, creation of new Armenia. Those were new charges, a new scale. I will never forget it. Never!

After that, we were given 30 years to realize our dreams and ideas. Now there is no point in saying that someone and me were good, others were bad. I am talking in collective coverage: the society and my time, and I consider myself to be the number one who bears responsibility for it. Many things were done badly, and this can't satisfy a creator, because the country you saw in your imagination, became completely another Republic of Armenia. There was ravage, plunder, death and emigration. There were some unfinished and undone works, which had accumulated, caused a feeling of tiredness and inferiority.

And now there came the 2018 April uprising and the change of political generation. We, adults, didn't manage or managed as much as we could. The square was occupied by our children, our younger brothers. This could only have brought joy. And I welcomed this change of political generation. And that change gives someone a new chance to start if he/she hasn't started, to try again if he/she has done badly, to do better if he/she has done well to exclude any distraction or regret. Not only was I inspired but I was also with my students, younger sisters, of course, in the background, because they were in the front line. I will do my best to make them succeed by all means, otherwise, it will be bad for all of us.               

Happy Country, Happy People

There is such a public quality, solidarity, which we use very badly. Society will not exist without solidarity. The second important thing is to overcome fraud and live openly, to exclude the game ″Priest at home, and devil outside″, to create open systems, in general. The third is creativity. The fourth is taking a full responsibility. I hate excuses for not managing to do something. Our pedagogy is without excuses. Give a hand, help others openly and as solid as you can, make someone else's pain your, react, do not allow dark corners to appear, because they will become dangerous wounds later, and use your maximum potential to earn your fair living by creating goods. If you meet all these requirements there will be a possibility for a happy country.

People deserve the life they have created. All the rest are merely excuses. I would very much like the new political generation not to make any justifications. And because of that anxiety I often say: ″How are you working? What laziness it is! Where is your 24-hour work? Throw away all your ties and suits, why are you so constrained? Throw away you cars too, leave them aside. Find another way of organizing your work because they have already gone that way.″

There is such a way of thinking: it was bad because we were not holding the wheel, now we have come and everything is good. Such way of thinking is distractive. You shouldn’t lose the connection of solidarity of different generations, the father-son close relationship. Your fathers also wanted to do well, but why didn’t they manage or didn’t manage well? I am constantly asking: you are my power, but why are you alienated? We were too careless about the time when we were the power of the third republic. It seemed to us that we had been given so much time that we would manage everything. Anyhow, we would certainly do. That carelessness and artistic manners were in our way. Being artistic is a good quality but work is not measured with that. And that “theater” will very soon disgust the public. It will turn out that you are not artistic and the people do not want to see your face. The society want to see the solution to their problems. And you should be “an educator” so as to make the society be involved in the solution to their own problems. There are many of those problems and they are challenging, and the society should solve them with the government. What I have just said, can be considered an educator’s lesson, or an attempt to share my 30-year experience, but they are to be realized without any delay.            

The talk with Ashot Bleyan has been narrated in written form by Marina Baghdasaryan

Source: armtimes.com

Translated into English by Yura Ganjalyan